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Challenges in Corporate Procurement

Price Sensitive Market

"More the quantity , better the price". -- Price Sensitivity is always the key driver in a B2B purchase decision. A procurement professional always expects better economy at higher scales. They would love to reach as many vendors as possible for a considerably high volume purchase. So why not give them the reach that they want!

Distribution and Logistics

Facing huge logistical risks in material distribution? Credibility at stake when vendors fail in delivering?

Cost Containment & Spend Visibility

Are we aware of which department / location / branch order what? Is the spend of all your stake holders optimal? Can we optimize it further more?

Product Uniformity

Do you use uniformity in the products you use across your various office locations?

Effects of External Factors

Raw Material costs increase? International Currencies hit procurement operations?

Product Accessibility

Is reaching out a particular brand a bit difficult task, especially in Tier 2s and 3s?

Challenges in Corporate Procurement

Product Authenticity – Game of Local Vendors

Have you seen a lot of quality variations in the supply? Facing a lot of duplicates in the market? Is that because of too much dependency on the local vendors?

Vendor Compatibility towards internal processes

Worried whether the vendors can work according to your organizational style? Can they follow your audit processes?

Vendor Consolidation - More vendors, More organizational effort

Too scattered vendor base? For different product categories, different locations etc.? How can we consolidate vendors and have limited number of vendors yet with more efficiency?

Forces that drive / affect Procurement Processes

Business Specific Needs as per the Project

Business Teams may have specific projects. And so, may require certain products. Can you support them efficiently?

Business Stake Holders' Timelines

Timelines of Deliveries are always "YESTERDAY". Is it possible to deliver at a YESTERDAY's speed every time? With quality maintained?

Internal Procurement Processes

Businesses / Projects may take their time to finalize a product to buy. On top of that, there may be a lot of processes to follow internally too, which may eat away further more time. The vendor would ultimately be pushed for quicker delivery. CAN YOUR VENDR TAKE IT? CAN HE COMMITT THE RIGHT DELIVERY TIMELINES? Or he just commits what you want in the pressure of taking the order?

Vendor Availability – Existing / New

Supplies from existing vendors may not pain much. But searching a new one will always take more time and effort every time. Can you reduce this cycle by having a ONESTOP-SHOP Mega vendor, who can supply almost whatever you want?

Location of Procurement & Location of Delivery – Accessibility and Reach

A lot of times, locations of deliveries may vary from where you are. May be to your office locations, project locations, client locations etc. How efficient is your vendor to handle these deliveries? With perfection and efficiency?

Budget Vs Quality & Spend

Customer Behavior

Economies of Scale

A procurement professional always demands more aggressive pricing and service when the scales of procurement is high.

Business Stake Holders' Timelines

TRUST plays a major role. Existing, vintage vendors always win greater share of business.

Benchmarking and Cross-Checks - "3 Quote" Price & Product Validation

Obtaining quotes from at least 3 vendors is always a right practice. Procurement Professionals always try to benchmark pricing and quality between more and more vendors, to create more value to the organization. Is time a critical factor is searching for the best vendor always? To benchmark and compare from all possible vendors?

Market Intelligence | Brand, Product and Vendor Info

A procurement professional always stands as a champion in product knowledge, category knowledge. He always tries to attain highest level of information on infinite number of categories and products available in the market - Which business stake-holder asks for what and when?... Never know!

The ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE – Save more for the Organization

The ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE of a Procurement Specialist is to deliver greater value at the best cost possible, ensuring he always saves more for the organization.

Solutions Available Today

Ecommerce – Online Market Places

There a some prominent Ecommerce pla`orms in the market today which host a lot of products of various brands. However, these are primarily B2C players and don’t really support businesses to purchase the way business want to buy

Catalog Management Companies

Its been a tradiIon in the B2B space to follow the catalog model for small value procurement. However, this tradiIon does not catch up the speed of today's business dynamics. Example - a catalog contract has agreed products with fixed prices across the year. But, the market today may introduce a lot of changes and advancement with more opImized costs day by day. How can a business enIty take advantage of the situaIon and follow new methods

Most Advanced ERPs

OrganizaIons use more advanced and sophisIcated ERPs for higher producIvity with lower efforts. But is it possible for all the businesses to use these ERPs? If not, how to catch the speed with those who use these tools?

A Comprehensive Solution from DealBerg

Exclusive B2B Platform for Businesses is an Exclusive platform for business entities to buy and procure anything and everything. That’s right! Anything n Everything

Soon going to be a One-Stop-Shop for all indirect Sourcing

We gradually are building up our assortment to meet 100% of needs of any organizaIon in India. Till that Ime, you can order what's available on the site as of now. Incase you need something which is not available on the site, please use the INVITE BID process to avail the product in 24 hours.

Economies of Scale

A procurement specialist always wants to avail the benefit of high scale / quantity purchases. We ensure you get benefited right away while you are purchasing in multiple quantities

A Comprehensive Solution from DealBerg

Great accessibility for businesses to reach maximum number of Vendors in the market to avail best prices (ALMOST ASPIRED PRICES)

Incase you are not saIsfied with the price available on the site, don’t worry, INVITE a BID with YOUR TARGET PRICE! We will try to ensure you get the price you want. Most of our customer got it!!!


NO LOCAL VENDOR DEPENDENCY! Its all directly form brands!


Direct warranty support from Brands

Don’t have to think whether warranIes are applicable if you buy online. DealBerg is an exclusive brand partner to most of the brands and authorized partner for all the brands that we work with.


A Comprehensive Solution from DealBerg

Reach to Tier 1, 2, 3

Are you a business enIty in a Tier 1, 2 3??? Not having great access to various brands and products. You can buy from anywhere you are and get the products delivered to anywhere you want. We promise our 100% support always!

Spend visibility

Want to keep a tap on who buys what? Keen to check if your organizaIonal spends are opImal? We provide great visibility around each of your user wise, locaIon wise, branch wise, cost center wise spends. We also create industry benchmarks around who spends what within your industry. Greater chances to be greatly opImal in your spends always!

Guaranteed Savings on Cost & Spend

Some vendors talk about benefits over current pricing. But overall spends may end up being higher. Some talk about long term savings on spends. But current costs of buying may be higher. DealBerg supports you by offering best prices while you buy and also helps you save on spends through the visibility of spend that we ensure

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